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The Barn

The Barn is the focal point of several indoor and outdoor activities. Whether your swimming laps or working up a sweat with a game of 1-on-1 there’s a warm meal of the most authentic local cuisine awaiting you at the end of the day.

Kids Play Area

When you’re surrounded by nature, there’s no better place for kids to play than outdoors. Climbing walls, obstacle courses and jungle gyms are here to let kids be kids and monkey around.

Animal Farm

The sounds and smells of the horses, cattle and donkeys at Vanantara, are an important part of the experience of living at a homestead. Apart from contributing immensely to the eco system, horse riding and bullock cart rides with the family are part of life at Vanantara.

Outdoor Gym

Designed by one of Bangalore’s top fitness instructors, the outdoor gym gives you a workout unlike any you’ve had before. Tractor tyres, battle ropes, kettle bells, sandbags are just some of the equipment we have to test you.