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A Forest in your backyard

The Japanese have a term “Shinrin-Yoku”, it literally translates to “Forest bathing”, the medicine of being in the forest.

The stimuli we receive has a profound effect on how we feel and perceive the world around us, it has been our effort to ensure that life at Vanantara provides the elements for that heightened experience – and the foundation for all of this are the trees that collectively make up the “Vana” at Vanantara farms. With over 40,000 trees and in time 75% of land under tree cover at our farmland near Bangalore, Vanantara will have a density greater than many forests.

Types of Trees

Vanantara is home to over 250 species of trees that include fruiting, flowering, medicinal, keystone and several others varities.
With a special emphasis on the Indigenous varieties of trees which have been part of our natural ecosystem since eons, Vanantara aims to transport you to a time when things were simpler. Large numbers of trees once considered sacred like the Bodhi, Peepal, Neem and the Gulmohar adorn Vanantara making it a truly nourishing environment for all.
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